Bhikshu Phurwa files a case against Miruna Magar in court

The dispute between the actress Miruna Magar and the Buddhist monk Phurwa Tamang Bich from the movie Kabaddi Char, which was released some time ago, has come into the news again. The police settled the dispute, saying that Miruna was lying and misrepresenting herself, and that monk Phurwa Tamang insulted them, they have filed a case against actresses Miruna Magar and Prithvi Singh Thakuri in Kathmandu District Court. After Tamang neglected to apologize, he said that he was forced to file a case in the Kathmandu District Court.

Miruna, who is now in London, was talked about by the movie and it also created some problems for her. Although Kabaddi, which became the highest grossing movie in Nepali movies, gave her a good position, she did not get success in her previous movies. Now she has said that she is going to come to Nepal for the shooting of a new movie. Out of the movies released after Corona Kahar, the most popular movie Kabaddi 4 has been doing business since its fourth day in the theaters, even though it has done business of more than 20 crores.

Earlier, actress Miruna Magar’s slapping of Lama Phurpa, a monk from the Lama community, gained attention, but now a complaint has been filed to stop the final match of the movie. Robin Kumar Lama has requested to stop the screening for the time being, saying that the story and the scene are in the movie that the value of Buddhism is masculinized. He said that the scenes and words of the movie should be screened only. On Monday, Lama filed a complaint with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology as an opponent.

Keeping in mind the sentiments of the people of Sikkim, the organization, the screening of the film has been banned. Presented by Dayahang Rai in Sikkim, Lamo’s acting is said to be insulting to all lamas. Karma lama, Lingden Vishwa Limb and others commented on Miruna Magar and Phurpa lama, I watched that video many times, there Phurpa didn’t see any fault, why didn’t he come to the vidi he squeezed in the chalk because he said it was Phurwa’s fault, being a simple boy from the village, he had to apologize in front of thousands of people, he had to be slapped, he even had to reach the police cage, woman. He had to be accused of committing atrocities, why couldn’t the one who singled out the other as wrong could not gather proof of wrongdoing.

It is said that a straight boy from a village did not speak when he squeezed the chalk twice and when he squeezed it the third time, he slapped him back. In the CCTV video, the boy was not seen squeezing the chalk and Miruna slapped him back, made him apologize, and made him stand up. They said that it was not seen from where the mistake was made. After the Kabaddi movie actress slapped a viewer, Phurba Tamang Lama, for touching her (indecent), there were protests from the street and even on social media.

Although Miruna and Phurba reconciled with each other, later when people from different organizations started to keep different things about that incident, a difference started to be created. The day after the agreement was signed, hundreds of lama monks expressed their dissatisfaction in front of the office of the Nepal Buddhist Federation. It would have been fine if Lama had touched him by mistake, but there has been a controversy because it is wrong to say that he made a mistake in the agreement letter and that Miruna forgave him as a brother.

After Miruna’s social media began to be widely discussed, her mother Shashi Thapa Subba also issued a long statement on May 19. Your mother has understood what you have done, when women are in trouble, they hide their pain without using their intellect. Shashi, when you slapped me, at that time I did not see my beloved daughter, I saw Bagni running around after being injured, I thought that Lama’s day had come, but your mind came under control. She told Phurba that she got relief from the police. She said that this society has never thought about how a man wearing a lama dress touched Miruna’s private parts in a public place. You used to say that there is nothing more true than religion, but today she has said how much religion has become true in the game of trapping her and saving the lama. She said that her daughter did a good thing by slapping those who molest women in public places and even though some people say it is wrong now, tomorrow everyone will understand it.

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