Bhim Rawal fought alone outside the party

Rawal, who has been expressing dissatisfaction with the party’s ticket distribution system, is going to announce his official opinion through a press conference on Thursday.  Despite the unanimous recommendation from Achham-1, the UML has given a ticket to Jhapta Bohora, who entered the UML from the Maoists without giving a ticket to Rawal.

Even though you did not get a ticket from the party, Rawal, the voice you are raising is in favor of the country and the people.  formal Journal has said that he will support it. Rawal protested through social media saying that even the matter of him not getting a ticket was a natural calumny.  Similarly, he tweeted with the demand that President Oli should make it clear about the support given to suspected persons within the party.
37 people, including the regional coordinator, resigned collectively after the unanimous recommendation that Rawal did not get the ticket. Bhim Rawal, the former vice president of NCP UML, will not get the ticket for the House of Representatives candidate.  The party president had already said that Bhim Rawal, who has been involved in Nepali politics for a long time and has been raising his voice against the people’s wishes, will not be given a ticket until he apologizes.
Dr. Bhim Rawal, who has always been in line with the policy of the communists, but raised his voice alone in his actions, was unanimously recommended from Achham constituency number 1, but the party is going to get the ticket for Jhapt Bohora, who joined the UML from the Maoists in that constituency.  Dr. Bhim Rawal, the senior leader of the Nepal Communist Party UML, has said that some senior leaders of our country are in a rush to please foreign countries, instead of building their own country.  He has said that a leader who thinks that he will be good if he pleases the foreign nation is going to sell the country.

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