Bhim Rawal’s announcement: I am ready to lead the road against MCC, Deuba and Oli are traitors

UML has objected to Bhim Rawal’s time to speak in Parliament without the permission of CPN-UML. Leader Bhim Rawal had opposed the MCC in Sunday’s parliamentary session. UML objected as Speaker Agni Sapkota gave him time to speak. The UML leader met the speaker and expressed his objection.

CPN-UML has not made public its views on MCC. However, Speaker Agni Sapkota has been obstructing the parliament demanding his resignation. Despite the UML’s obstruction, the speaker gave Rawal time to speak. The main opposition party CPN-UML has raised serious objections with the speaker over giving time to its MP Bhim Rawal to speak.

Chief Whip Vishal Bhattarai met Speaker Sapkota and expressed his objection. We have objected to the statement made by Bhim Rawal in Parliament. UML-elected parliamentarians have been given time to speak against the party consensus, ‘Bhattarai said. However, he has been fighting against the UML from the very beginning. ‘

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