Bhimsen Thapa in history

Bhimsen Thapa was born on 9 Shravan , 1832 in the family of Chhotakaji Amar Singh Thapa
and Satyarupa in Borlang, West Gorkha. As his father Chhota Kazi Amar Singh Thapa was
involved in the royal palace of Nepal, Bhimsen Thapa could easily enter the royal palace from an
early age. The then King Ran Bahadur Shah and Bhimsen Thapa were of the same age. From
1844 BS, Bhimsen Thapa was the childhood friend of King Ran Bahadur Thapa. He used to play
horse riding and sports with King Ran Bahadur Thapa.

In 1855, at the age of 22, according to court rules, he got a normal job. He entered the service of
King Ran Bahadur Shah. King Ran bahadur Shah entered the palace as the youngest, after
falling in love with queen Vidyuva Brahmani Kantivati ​​of Mahottari. Grivan Yuddha Shah, the son of
the three youngest queens, began to pressure the youngest Queen Kantivati ​​to make him king.
Finally, on 28 March 1855, King Prithvipalsen of Palpa wore a tilak and Grivan Yuddha Shah
was proclaimed king. Ran Bahadur Shah, who had resigned from the post of king, had gone to
Pashupati to live a monastic life. At the same time, Bhimsen Thapa was promoted from Subedar
to Sardar under the care of Rana Bahadur Thapa. Thus, Bhimsen Thapa directly entered the
political landscape of Nepal.

Bhimsen Thapa, who was sincerely in the service of Swami Ran Bahadur Thapa, was not only
Ran Bahadur’s protector but also his chief advisor. Ran Bahadur Thapa would not have started
work without the opinion of Bhimsen Thapa. After the queen’s ascension, Ran Bahadur Shah had
gone to Kasi. Bhimsen Thapa also went to Kashi with him. But he continued to focus on Nepal’s
politics. He kept Ran Bahadur informed about every activity of Kazi Damodar Pandey. Kazi
Damodar Pandey, on the other hand, had conspired with the British to keep Ran Bahadur Shah in
the same custody. Accordingly, they were kept under house arrest in the house of the British.

With the revocation of the trade agreement with the British, Ran Bahadur Shah returned to Nepal
with his party. After the fall of Nepal, Ran Bahadur Shah made Sardar Bhimsen Thapa the Qazi.
Thus, Bhimsen Thapa was actively involved in Nepali politics.

A few years later, Ran Bahadur Shah was assassinated. Kazi Bhimsen Thapa had killed 77
people on suspicion of being involved in the assassination of Ran Bahadur Shah. Some were
also deported. After the assassination of Ran Bahadur Thapa, his youngest queen Tripura
Sundari became the viceroy of King Grivan Yuddha Shah. At the same time, Bhimsen Thapa got
the post of Mukhtiar. As soon as he got the post of Mukhtiar, he started establishing himself
He set up army training centers to defend Nepal. After the Nepal Army became stronger, even
the king began to trust him. In 1868, he was promoted to the rank of General of the Army.
Bhimsen Thapa Sardar, who started from the post of Suvidar, rose to the position of Mukhtiar.

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