Bhote Dog of the Mountains.

There are varieties of dogs in the world. Some are small, some are big, some are black some are white, some are gray. Specially the name with voter kukur are found in Rukum district of Nepal.  This Bhote kukur gives security to the people of that district especially in that village. The country is looked at and the security of the country is provided by our Nepal police like that it gives security for the people of that village. While Looking through physically the bhote kukur are very dangerous, very big, black in color with big body.

They are very strong and honest to the peoples of that village. They are very strong that they have the capability of killing the Tigers. Once upon a time, the owner of the sheep had been captured and taken by a tiger. But the Bhote Kukurs give the rescue and fight with that tiger and become successful to kill that Tiger with their power. They are never afraid of beer, deer, fox, wolf, tiger and many other animals. They give security to the people of that village. They also provide security for more than 1000 sheep’s of the owner. The cost of 1 Bhote kukur is around 8 to 9 thousand. They can work for about 17- 18 years of the life period and have an average lifespan of around 22-24 years.

They bite the animals and men when they find someone roaming at night to provide security to the owner and sheep’s of the owner. They are strong enough and can tackle with any wild life of the forest to provide safety and security to the 1000 sheep’s. Three Bhote kukur are more than enough to look after 1000 sheep’s. When listening to the story of the Bhote kukur it really amazes many Nepalese but it is the real truth story which had been found in the Rukum district Nepal.

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