Bhutanese actress ugyen choden Bhutanese actress stunned in Paul case

The language religion, culture and caste never stops in the field of art. Ugyen Choden, a Bhutanese-born actress who came to Nepal in collaboration with Paul Sah and made a music video, said that he is a very good man. She said that she loves him a lot, but people he knows are sad when he goes to jail.

Choden, who came to Nepal for the number two film before the lockdown, returned to her homeland after the lockdown. She said that when there was no work during the lockdown, she gained 10 kilograms of food at home. As she loves Nepali language culture even while living in Bhutan, she says that Nepal is in the field of art.

Choden says that Nepali language is improving more than before. She said that she came to Nepal two years ago to work and she came some time ago to complete the remaining work. Choden, who used to talk to herself during the lockdown, says that in the beginning she was abused even for a small mistake, so it was difficult for her to work and later it became easier for her to do something.

Choden says that because he is not so close to other artists and works with Dayahang Rai, because he watches the movies he has acted in, his acting is natural, and because he understands other artists, he seems to be the best actor. She said that the first project in Nepal was number two and since it was stopped in half, she felt it would have been better if it had been completed.

Choden said that the people of Bhutan are also happy with the Nepali film being made in Nepali language. Known in Nepal as the king of music videos, Paul Sah has already worked with Gori Gori in two music videos.

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