Bhuvan KC’s first speech after joining the Congress

Actor Bhuvan KC, known as the evergreen hero, has spoken in the media for the first time after joining the Nepali Congress.  Nir Sah, a veteran artiste of the Nepali Congress, said that the people who are speaking in the program do not belong to the Nepali Congress, they are not the same people.  Artist Rabindra Khadka called on any person to come into politics and get actively involved.

Artists who have played an important role in advancing the Nepali film industry, who have won the hearts of the audience from the color screen, seem to have been active in politics lately.  Bhuvan KC entered the Nepali Congress in the middle of a program and was welcomed by party president Ser Bahadur Deuba.  When the artists, known as the common property of the country and the national anthem, started entering the party, now the artists have also started giving many reactions to the party.

Nir Sah said that since this country stands on a physical ground, one of those lands is the culture ground, the Nepali culture has been able to show its identity by showing the originality as it is.  He said that religion, culture and music also play an important role in the development and transformation of the country by raising voice for the transformation of the country.  If a person can be explained with an independent micro-vision, that person will come to the Nepali Congress and play an important role in the development of the country, said Nir Sah.

As artists began to enter one political party after another, allegations began to surface that artists were acting as party agents.  Some time ago, Bhuvan KC, who was running for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City from Swagat Nepal, said that rumors were circulating about him for a few days, but KC said that he would not contest the election after some time.  “People from all walks of life have a role to play in changing politics,” he said.

As people from all walks of life began to actively participate in political parties, one after the other, the notion that most people in society should be involved in politics was also developed.  Even if the people involved in politics from the field of art reach the parliamentarians, they will not be able to develop as they want.  Artists are increasingly active in politics, which conveys two different messages to society.  As people with a good image of the society started entering politics, people’s activism towards politics also started increasing.

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