Bhuwan KC, Shweta Khadka: joined congress: real reason

Artists from various fields in the field of Nepali art have recently joined Nepali-run political parties and taken various lures. . Artists like Bhuvan Kesi, Kamal Oli, Karisma Manandhar, Swaita Khadka, Rekha Thapa, who have made their own identity in the field of Nepali art, seem to be involved in politics.

Actor Bhuvan KC Le and Swayita Khadka, President of Artist Association Rabindra Khadka entered the Nepali Congress. Online has written that Bhuvan Ksi has entered the Nepali Congress with the aim of becoming the chairman of the Film Development Board. If we look at the history before this, since there is a record that the actor of the party which is in government became the chairman of the film development board, Bhuvan K. also said that he joined politics for the same purpose.

Evergreen hero Bhuwab Kesi, who has been in the hearts of millions of people from the Nepali film industry, has recently started to be interested in politics. Xi has said that he is not sure whether he will contest the election or not. Even before this, Bhuvan KC was sure to rise as MP from CPN, but he did not get a ticket.

He said that since everything is connected with politics, to change the current situation of Nepal, there is a need for a competent person, the area that everything comes with, a good vision, and a master plan. He said that a leader should search for any problem, find a way to solve it and provide more services to the people, so he should be a leader with brainstorming and master plan.

In a program held in Kathmandu on 8th of Chaitra, actress Karisma Manandhar entered UML, she said while speaking in a program, “My wife’s name is Surya Kumari, Surya is the owner of Ray Solar, Surya is the owner of Nepal”. . She said that even though she used to feel shy about Nepal’s politics and saying her name, it would work on the right opportunity. Karisma, who joined the party founded by Baburam Bhattarai before this, has now joined UML.

Keeping a small comment on the program, she said that Karisma entered the party through three programs, the first program was the president of KP Oli, she said that KP Oli is the leader of the people and never gets tired of listening to him. Karisma said that the second reason is that UML has failed to raise people’s problems. She said that UML entered because it is a party with the agenda of third change and prosperity.

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