Big gas, sand and water came out from the slope in Jorpati and reached above the house.

Sometimes when the situation is not favorable, suddenly different kinds of facts start appearing. As people are densely populated in Kathmandu, there are many kinds of activities due to the high population density. Methane gas was released during the drilling of boreholes in Jorpati, Kathmandu, and people were worried for a long time. The sand and water in the methane gas came at a high speed, which surprised one person.

According to Krishna Shrestha of Barista Bhugarhbid Khani and Subsurface Department, it is the same, he said that it should be saved from fire. He said that if there is a fire, it will cause damage, but if it is saved from the fire, it will not cause so much damage. He said that the gas accumulated in various places inside the ground, sometimes comes out through bispots. He said that sometimes after not finding a place to come out, even though he would go to Chhetri because of bispotting, when he found a place to come out, he said that he did not have that much influence.

He said that even though there is a gas that mixes with water, sometimes it happens suddenly when it is separated. He said that although it does not happen in all places, it accumulates in some places, as only gas remains after the water dries up, he said that it has created a problem. He said that in some places, gas is coming for 2-3 hours, while in some places, gas is coming for 5-6 hours. Krishna said that what is inside it is known by delving inside.

He has said that in some places it can be put to good use. While going down while digging the boring, the locals said that water is coming from there. He has said that this is not a cataclysmic event and that it will continue until the time when the gas is inside. Bids have said that even though such incidents keep happening, they do not cause much damage.

As the population density of the society increases, accidents of various types increase, which causes problems among people. An accident occurs when the balance of any thing is disturbed, which also takes a negative form. We can get a lot of benefits from the section where we are able to bring the waste that we have never used, to the purpose. A lot of benefits can be gained in the society by producing gas from the waste.

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