BIG Mistake: Kabaddi 4 actress Miruna Magar & Lama guy Tamang case

None of the movies she acted in went to the box office. Miruna Magar is one of the actresses who is praised for her acting and beauty. She started her acting career with the film ‘Lalpurja’. But now the actress Miruna, who has garnered a lot of attention by acting in ‘Kabaddi 4’, has been dragged into controversy again.

Some youths have protested in front of KL Tower in Chuchhepati saying that actress Miruna Magar is trying to seduce innocent people. Protesters have demanded the unconditional release of the arrested Buddhist monk and an apology from the heroine. During the protest, posters of actress Miruna Magar’s ‘Kabaddi 4’ have also been burnt.

heroine has even warned to boycott ‘Kabaddi 4’ without apologizing. Miruna had handed over the Buddhist monk to the police saying that she had been badly touched. Police are investigating the arrested monk for indecent behavior.

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