Big shock to Deuba without becoming the Prime Minister

CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has announced his separation from the opposition alliance. The Supreme Court had restored the parliament and ordered Sher Bahadur Deuba to become the prime minister. Soon after, the meeting of the Opposition Coalition was held at the office of an organization near the residence of the Nepal leader in Koteshwar.

“There are some complexities within my party, they need to be resolved,” one leader was quoted as saying at a meeting of the coalition. “All of you should understand this difficult situation.” Now it will take some time for me to strengthen the party. ‘

“I have joined the coalition for the constitution, democracy and republic. With the restoration of the House of Representatives, that chapter is over for now. The controversy in our party has also gone in the direction of reconciliation, ‘Pant said, quoting Nepal,’ I will now embark on a campaign to unite the party. So even my role can change now. I can’t stay in this alliance. ‘

Leader of the Nepali side Raghuji Pant said that he has been supporting the defense of democracy and the constitution till now and now that the situation has changed, he cannot stay in the alliance.

He said that the party could not remain in the opposition alliance in the current situation as the party unity process was moving forward. He said that the party would make a united decision on how to move forward. Leader Nepal also urged Sher Bahadur Deuba to move forward inclusively, Pant said.

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