Bijay Sahi came to the media much later, says – let the government test memory capacity

Some time ago, he was the most remembered person in the world. Some time ago, Bijaya, who had been in the news for some time, came to see his talent live. His various weaknesses were discovered. . He said that no one should be proud of his abilities after coming to earth as a guest for two days. Even though a person should have patience, he said that he has started to live a new life after realizing his pride and understanding what a person’s life is now.

He said that the government should check its capabilities as it is moving in a new direction by getting the opportunity to understand and learn a lot in the conflict, by correcting its shortcomings. He said that Rabbi Lamichhane and Balen Sah, who emerged in Nepali politics, have a very good vision. As Balen Sah is also an engineer, he has a vision for the development of the country. Rabbi Lamichhane is a hero of the country. Bijay Sahi, who claims to have the power of Kalimata in himself, said that even though he has been divided for some time, he will soon show his power in various places and prove that he is not a fake.

He says that he has the ability to remember anything in a short time, and if someone proves it wrong, he is ready to hang himself. Bijay Sahi of the West, who was thinking of making a name for himself in the world by keeping the omnipotence in him in the world, was once very popular, but he failed after many people showed interest in seeing his talent.

Bijay Sahi said that when people have to go uphill and downhill, to bring the truth to the audience, they will give a demo in Surkhet on April 10 and a demo in Kathmandu on April 10. . He said that if Bijay Sahi could not show his talent to the Nepali people, he would be a part of it even if he was punished like him. Bijay Sahi, who first took the book in his hand and turned the pages of the book within two minutes, simply asked the question of any page of the book.

Looking at the book in a short time, Bijay Sahi said that he remembered that now, when he looked at the book in his hand, he said that he remembered the whole book. Bijay Sahi has said that he has a wonderful charm. From the four groups of students who came to study with him in Surkhet, his team raised money and three teams have learned and one team has yet to learn, Sahi said. The learned team and the uneducated team have raised Rs 500,000 out of 140 and will return the money now, he said, adding that those who want to learn with him will be taught for free. As a devotee of God, Sahi says that the knowledge he has acquired should not be sold.

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