Bijay selling Nepali clothes from America to Japan

They are making good use of the opportunities in their own country by producing various products, increasing economic resources and making good use of Nepalese raw materials. Bijay Sakya has said that Nepalese clothes are produced from the wool and cotton of lamb and sent to the big countries like America, Germany, UK, Japan etc. He said that when the order comes from abroad, they make the material and sell it accordingly.

Bijay said that although at first they will only produce cotton, later they will gradually start making clothes. He said that he is happy to send the products of Nepal abroad. In the area of ​​Pati Dalkhu, you can find diamond nickel and hand-made items. The village and city market that operates is to encourage exemplary entrepreneurs who want to do something in their own country, regardless of where they live. In order to encourage the businessmen who have been doing exemplary work in Nepal, and to guide the young women who are struggling in the country and abroad towards entrepreneurship, that there are such opportunities in their country, power media network has promoted the work of Nepali products and producers in the country. It has been shown abroad, which has given a glimpse of the village home to the people in the country and abroad.

Most of the people go abroad because they don’t get job opportunities in Nepal, because they don’t find any place to earn, some people live in Nepal because they want to spend their lives by doing some business in their own country. Most of the people spent some time abroad and learned money and skills from there and applied it in their own country, so that if some people are employed, they are also earning profit.

Most of the people, after trampling the opportunities in Nepal and traveling to foreign lands, after going abroad, imbibing the natural beauty of their country, the importance of the opportunities here, become successful businessmen in their own country. Most of the people are still earning by doing various pleasures, applying their property skills professionally, and now they are living with a good income. If a person starts doing any work with his heart, the example of earning crores by staying in Nepal is becoming clear now.

Although Nepal is known in the world as an agricultural country, its people are forced to eat food from outside due to lack of technology, agricultural knowledge and scientific experience, but recently this problem seems to be slowly reducing. People are applying the skills they have learned abroad in Nepal, they have started applying the foreign culture in Nepal. Even though Nepal is a country rich in natural resources, the people here did not understand its importance, even though outsiders took advantage of it, but recently Nepalese people have come to understand its importance and now they are self-reliant in Nepal.

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