Billions of foreign hospitals have closed special rooms for Nepali senior leaders, thus handing over money abroad.

The Nepalese people are struggling with life and death without money to get treatment. Even in Nepal, they do not get treatment.  Nepal did not stop levying taxes on Kovid but declared that the treatment of the sick should be done by the citizens themselves.  The people have to suffer because they do not want a leader who wants real development of the country.

Leaders who have reached the highest levels of the country also seek foreign funds with money from the state treasury for the treatment of minor ailments.  He had been ill for some time. He was diagnosed with fever and jaundice. He had gone to Bangkok four times with his wife Ansari Gharti for further treatment as per the doctor’s advice.

If the expenses incurred by the Nepali leader for treatment abroad are to be invested in Nepal, a well-equipped hospital can be built in Nepal.  Former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is the largest remittance of state coffers in Nepal for treatment abroad.  The details of his treatment in Japan are not included in the list. The third most talked about person in Nepal is former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Oli has spent Rs 1.26 crore from the state coffers for his treatment abroad.

Those who are considered prosperous in Nepal. They can treat themselves. They also start getting treatment from the state money. Sujata Koirala is the fourth person to go abroad and spend on treatment. She has spent 5 million state money. Former Minister of State Chakra Prasad  According to the new magazine, Bastola has spent Rs 5 million. In the sixth place, Narayan Kazi Shrestha has spent Rs 3.8 million for treatment abroad.  Giri paid Rs 2 million for democracy, Rs 4 million for the son of the first Constituent Assembly Vice-Chairperson Purna Kumari Subedi, Rs 1.78 million for former MP Ram Nath Dhakal, Rs 1.584 million for former Home Minister Debendra Raj Kadel, Rs 5.8 million for former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand and Rs 9.30 million for former Vice President Pramananda Jha.  1.5 million for treatment in a foreign hospital. If this amount is to be invested in Nepal, then the foreigner in Nepal  For example, a well-equipped hospital can be built. In Nepal, well-equipped beds are made separately for the leaders.

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