Bimal Gharti Magar joined Machhindra. Where did Bimal lose so many years?

Lately, the attraction of the players towards the game has been increasing in Nepal as well. After one game after another, Nepal has started kissing the success of Nepali players. The number of people who continue to play sports is increasing day by day. At some point in time, the youth generation seems to be more involved in negative activities. Growing up, life is full of sorrow, laughter, and happiness. Man’s daily struggle shows the line of his life.

Bimal Gharti, who achieved great success in football at the young age of 15, was not seen on the field for some time. There was a lot of love for football as to where he was going and what he was doing. Due to his age, he had to rest in a hospital bed for nine months. Due to this, he was not seen in any field during this period. He says that he can be seen in the game with Jhan Jose Jagar.

He scored his first goal for Nepal at the age of 15 in his debut match against Pakistan under the seven champions of 2013. He was found to be very energetic in football. While giving a good contribution to the team, there was a rumor that some kind of sports lover had gone somewhere in the meantime.

Bimal was not seen in the game due to family and knee injuries. The lack of Bimal, who scored nine goals for the national team, was affecting the Nepali football team. He had to rest in a hospital in Qatar for nine months due to an injury. Bimal was not able to participate in the intermediate games due to his injuries. Was

Bimal, who is undergoing treatment at Qatar’s Asperger’s Hospital, has returned to Nepal after a long absence. He had to rest in bed for a long time. Bimal, who started his sports training on the same ground where he was injured, has now fully recovered. He now seems to be struggling more than before.

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