Bina sapkota case It was rumored that the body was found in the forest of Sauraha

A 21-year-old daughter of Jayashwor Sapkota of Japardi in Gaindakot Municipality of Nawalpur has gone missing without her boyfriend Pravesh Kandel. On the evening of July 3, Pravesh Kandel, a young man who had been in a love affair with her for five years, left her on a scooter without telling her to take him home.

However, the family is in a state of tension after a week without a daughter who left the house saying that she would return in half an hour.

Bina family became worried after a sudden news broke on Thursday. His friends have complained that the news has worried the family. Her family is worried after the news of her body being found in Sauraha became public. Friends have even said not to spread such unnecessary news.

Bina case: Bina Sapkota, 21, of Gaindakot Municipality-4 of East Nawalparasi has been missing since July 30. According to the family, Sapkota has not returned home without leaving the house at 4.30 pm. Her boyfriend Pravesh Kandel had taken Bina on a scooter from her house in Gaindakot. She said she would come in half an hour. She has not returned yet.

Based on the family’s complaint, the police have arrested Pravesh Kandel of Bharatpur Mahanagarpalika-4. However, the condition has not been known yet, police said. According to his family, he left home on a bike with Kandel without studying BBS third year at Janak College in Gaindakot.

According to her father, she talked to her daughter three times that night. In a statement to the police, the youth said that he had taken a scooter from the girl’s house to Gaindakot but refused to stay in it. According to him, he went to Chaubiskothi without walking but disappeared when he entered the ATM.

According to Bina father, he was taken to Gauriganj and beaten. I don’t know where it is or what it is. It has come to light that the boy had asked Pravesh to meet and talk to the girl without any suspicion as he suspected that he had a close relationship with another girl near the house of the young man. The family informed.

He had posted a status on Facebook on the evening of July 3 after his daughter had not returned home for four days. No one gave information about him even when the information was made public. He has two daughters and a son without Jayeshwar youngest daughter. On the same day, after a quarrel between them, she left without leaving.

According to the police, the young man went missing on the same day. According to the police, there were several conversations between Pravesh and Bina’s father.

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