Bishnu Baral found dead within 27 days of marriage

Bishnu Baral, 23, of Pundigundhi Dobato, Pokhara Metropolitan City-22 of Kaski has died within 27 days of her marriage. Mother’s eyes are not closed. She was married on April 30. He died mysteriously on May 30. The wedding cost Rs 1.5 million.

She was married to Pradip Bhattarai, 30, of Rupandehi’s Sainamina Municipality, about 200 meters from Barmachok. The relatives have said that the incident was mysterious. Maiti suspects that her daughter died due to dowry. A few days after the marriage, Vishnu had complained on the phone that her mother-in-law’s ring and chain were too small.

She also said that when she returned, she would add a little gold to make it bigger. However, the parents were shocked to hear the news of her daughter’s death. The marriage was solemnized on the advice of both parties. The mother says that she got married after her niece asked her to marry her daughter. Their marriage was solemnized by Parvati Gautam of Madrani Ghaighat in Tilotta of Rupandehi Municipality Ward No. 11. Gautam is the niece of Vishnu’s mother.

The sister, who looked very happy in a video call with her sister the day before, said that she had to hear such news the next day. Vehula’s family has said that Parvati had given up her body but the relatives are not ready to accept this.

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