Blender of Ruvana. Patanajali yoga sutra 4.3 Dr.yogi Vikashananda. Monokranti 2022

Intellectual personality Dr. Bikasananda Yogi, by researching various aspects of the society, changes it in the society in a new way.  In Ayurveda, yogis who believe in Dharma Karma give the same knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages. In many places, people seem to be sick due to their own reasons.  Impossible is not found in the world till today, which is complementary to each other.  Dr. Yogi says that if a person does a good deed, he will be loved by everyone and when he does a bad deed, everyone will respect him according to his deeds.

Dr. Yogi says: There are two ways for a person to fall, one is uncontrolled sex and the other is arrogance, so man should always do these things in the right place in the right way.  Unless a person understands these two things, wherever he goes, he is sure to fall, so people should always think about where sex and egoism lead a person from.  He said that since Raban used to offer flowers at the place of worship, he used to cut off the head one by one with the sword, so the way people look at him is different.

When a person does any work, he will have many problems at once, the pain of which will be difficult for him to bear.  Explaining the history of man, he said that man has been running away in every birth, man has tried to do one thing at a time but, when he felt embarrassed, he left and ran away.  Even though Raban was able to cut off 9 heads, even though he did not reveal his goal, he was still working for the survival of human beings. If he had done good deeds to make himself successful, now everyone would worship him.

Dr. Yogi says that in order for a person to do great work at any time, he has to break the bonds created by the society.  The fact that a person seeks something good and that he does not have time also affects his life, he said, adding that any person should plant an eucalyptus tree to make a good power in his life.  People struggle to get anything and struggle before reaching their destination.  Man seems to have to play and deal with many things in order to get nectar.

People tend to do bad things in the blink of an eye, thinking a lot about doing the right thing, which puts a person’s tongue behind them.  People say that they are depressed because of others when they are stressed, but they do not know that they are depressed because they are released by chemicals.  He said that a person should not do any work in life, work or go, or die.  The yogi said that when Raban was about to cut off his 10th head, he felt that he had done something wrong and that he had to do devotion.

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