Bribery string operation after check post on highway, missing for 20 years, can’t wait, can’t act

The CPN (Maoist) started a 10-year people’s war under the leadership of Prachanda saying that what is happening in the country is wrong for the people and the voiceless people.  Fighters proved to be fighting for themselves. After coming to power, the problems of the people became more and more difficult. The normal life of the people became worse and worse.  Even after 15 years of the peace agreement, the people have not been able to breathe a sigh of relief. The search for the missing person has not been completed yet.

A son of Tulsi Chaudhary of Dang was killed by the army near a nearby river. His daughter was taken away by the army 20 years ago from the then hospital and now Rapti Institute of Health Sciences by the army.  The mother and father of two children are now childless. When the children of Ghaughar play, they also think that even if they were my children, their grandchildren would play like this.  People like Tulsa BK have never been found to wipe away tears. People who have built a beautiful house are now homeless.

The signing of the peace agreement was signed by party president Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda from the CPN-Maoist and late  Girija Prasad Koirala was. Prachanda had come to power twice while Girija Prasad Koirala is in heaven. People everywhere are working only for their own happiness.  Even though Baburam Bhattarai has changed his party now, he is equally guilty. Bhattarai, who was once the Prime Minister, has made laws, spoken, written, but has not done anything to solve the problem.  Eaters say that Prachanda’s speed has never changed.

The Nepal Traffic Police, Police, Sastra Police and Forest Office have been taking bribes from the vehicles on the East Koshi Highway on a daily and monthly basis. Interestingly, there is also a discount system in Dasai Tihar. More than a dozen check posts.  On a trip on the existing highway, each truck driver pays Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 to everyone.  The driver says that he has to pay money to avoid them as they are causing trouble under the pretext of traffic rules.

According to the forest office staff, they charge up to Rs.  They have reached the point of losing their lives in the river.  Indra Saud’s family had traveled with their families to India for employment. They had to travel from Nagarjuna Ghat as it was close and easy for them.  He complained that the government has not even taken the initiative to search for the suspension bridge so far.

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