‘Bribery’ with a blind person asking for a job? Gandaki Chhadke

Wherever there is community in Nepal, it is found to be submerged. If it is changed to private, it becomes high. Government schools are considered to be low in terms of quality.  In a situation where employment is low, people tend to apply for a one-seat advertisement. To get selected, many have to join hands. A lot of money has to be spent. This is not the case for one or two schools.

A teacher has to be appointed in a Shivalaya Secondary School in Parbat. A teacher is selected by advertisement. Ten people will fight for the seat. A blind Sarlahi Rabindra Kumar Mahato is selected.  If you are selected, you will have to bear all the expenses. The biggies have to understand their potential. This is how the big team chooses the teachers. The people come from outside the district to get a job.  The work done by the school to help them is very bad.

The school also charges a fee along with the application for the administrative expenses incurred during the advertisement. But here a bribe of up to Rs 40,000 is taken for the appointment of a teacher.  According to Mahato, the salary has come to the account. What do the general public expect from the education sector after such incidents start happening in the place where the third eye of the people is opened?  But in the name of staff recruitment, 40 titles have been spent on various titles.

When questioned by the head of the municipal education department in Yash Bisay, he said that he did not know what to do with the bribe takers.  Due to lack of financial resources, they try to say that the money was taken with the consent of the teacher.  Are taking
With politics and socio-politics prevailing in the Nepali market, the question arises as to which path the society has taken.  Later, they resort to corruption to raise money. This raises questions about the impact on the current generation and the direction in which the country is moving.

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