Brother-in-law’s amazing love

Dewar Sagar Man Rawal’s brother-in-law Sushil KC, who went viral from Tiktok, has now gone very viral on social media. She said that it was nice to know Susila as a mother and son. She said that although she used to make tiktok alone, later she started making tiktok together as the two of them would make tiktok together. She said that even though she made tiktok for fun, it gave good harmony in the society.

Some people find it easier to get something better than they thought it would, and some people find it even different when they work hard. In Gulariya Municipality, Ward No. 4, Tulapur, Bardia District, a family, who have been married for 10 years, are still living as a newlywed couple. Brother-in-law and sister-in-law are seen in Tiktok and the husband is filming the video, which is now going viral in Tiktok.

Asoka, who has been in one-sided love with Susila for ten years, later cried when she said no when he proposed to her, Susila said. Susila says that she is happy to say “I love you” after seeing a man crying loudly and seeing what had happened. “Even now, my sisters and brothers are teasing me about what it means to be an old man,” she said. “Even though we have been married for so long, there has been no quarrel so far,” she said.

In our society, the relationship between brother-in-law and brother-in-law is considered as a mother-son relationship, which shows that there is holy love between the two. Deur Bhauju, who has a holy relationship with the two, has been seen in Tiktok and her husband has been working on filming the video. Now, their Tiktok has gone viral. He said that he would make such a video tomorrow night, make a concept and then get up the next morning and make a similar video and upload it on Tiktok. As Susila makes a lot of videos, according to the concept, they make videos quickly, but sometimes Asoka suffers in the summer when the video is not good, said Susila.

Earlier, the brother-in-law and brother-in-law had made separate videos and posted them on Tiktok. “Some people made bad comments in the first video, although I felt a little bad about it. Many people in the family liked it. After making and uploading another video, they started making videos every day and later the viewers started liking them a lot,” she said. Susila said that Asoka did not like acting on a regular basis and did not like her as much as she did in the video.

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