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Buddha Air flight carrying 73 passengers flew to Biratnagar from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu this morning. But the plane could not land there due to a problem with the landing gear. Due to which, the plane returned to Kathmandu. But the problem was not the same. Due to which, the plane hovered in the sky of Kathmandu for some time.

Buddha Air’s Alpha November India flight that flew from Kathmandu to Biratnagar at 8:33 am on Monday returned to Kathmandu after making two turns in the sky of Biratnagar. According to a source at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, the plane could not land due to non-opening of one wheel and had to be held in the sky for some time (about 2 hours).

After arriving in Kathmandu, the plane landed safely at Tribhuvan International Airport at 10:20 a.m., according to Buddha Air. As a result, Buddha Air’s plane has survived a major accident today and the lives of 73 passengers have been saved.

The captain decided to return the ship to Kathmandu after the ship informed that there was a problem with the landing gear indicator while landing at Biratnagar and the tower also informed that the gear had not fallen off. According to the safety directive, the aircraft has landed safely in the skies of Kathmandu for a while to reduce the fuel in the ship, fulfilling all safety standards and landing safely, ‘said a statement issued by Buddha Air. Buddha Air has informed that the ship was returned to Kathmandu immediately after seeing the problem in the landing gear of the ship.

The ship has two indicators for landing gear. According to which, there was no sign in the primary indicator but everything was fine in the secondary indicator. According to the statement, the captain decided to return the ship to Kathmandu immediately due to “zero tolerance for security”. According to the guidelines issued by the International and Civil Aviation Authority, the ship was safely landed at Kathmandu Airport.

When boarding a Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar, the passengers had no idea what would happen to their lives. When the ship reached Biratnagar, the landing gear did not work and the landing could not take place. The pilot flew in the sky of Biratnagar many times. But the wheel did not open. After failing to land at Biratnagar Airport, he returned to Kathmandu. Even after coming to Kathmandu, the landing was not as easy as expected.

The passengers inside the plane were very scared. Some started shouting while others started crying. The passengers became even more frightened when they found out that the pilot had made a plan to land the plane on the runway after running out of fuel. But when I looked down on insurance, I didn’t have to do that when the landing gear opened. Passengers who did not respond to return to Kathmandu after landing at Biratnagar did not respond well when they could not land at Kathmandu Airport easily and the passengers lost consciousness.

Ruwa began to walk inside the ship. Looking at it from above, the security guards at the airport were also in a state of readiness and were afraid of what would happen next. Some even demanded that we leave here. The flight attendants continued to comfort the passengers. He informed that water would be sprinkled on the runway after running out of fuel and foam would be placed on it.

Another passenger, Anmol Pradhanal, said that he was not in a position to describe the situation inside the plane. Her experience was that the situation worsened when young children and their mothers began to cry out in fear. Everyone was in tears when they saw the tears in the eyes of the air hostess.

Another passenger, Anmol Pradhan, said that there were tears inside the ship. No matter how much I controlled it, the tears could not be stopped because of the crying. We were hoping. Ambulances, police were all deployed when I looked at the runway from the plane hovering in the sky. We feel that only God has saved us. We lived by the grace of Lord Pashupatinath. We were all sitting inside with folded hands.

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