Butwal case: Bishnu Baral mother complaint was not registered.

Vishnu Baral of Pokhara died mysteriously in Butwal. The relatives have raised their voice saying that the incident of her husband’s death within 27 days of her marriage is a mystery.

A few days ago, Bishnu Baral of Pokhara was married to Pradip Bhattarai of Rupandehi. The incident has become controversial after her mysterious death in 27 days of marriage.

The relatives had been saying on social media and YouTube that the incident should be investigated. On Tuesday, they went to the Butwal-based police office to lodge a complaint. Police had allowed only five people to enter the office.

But the controversy started when a large number of people reached Vishnu’s family police office and demanded that everyone should meet the police chief.

There has been a stampede at the gate of the police office for some time. Maiti has said that Vishnu’s husband and his family have complained about the lack of dowry in the marriage. Vishnu’s mother has made public in the video that she complained that the gold given by her parents was less.

Vishnu Baral was married off by his aunt daughter. He has raised another question saying that his sister’s incident was due to a person who is greedy for dowry.

Even though both the parties got married voluntarily, Vishnu was found dead in her husband’s house within 27 days. Vishnu’s relatives have called the incident a mystery and demanded an investigation. The incident is being investigated by the police.

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