By luck, we met such a girl, our heart hurts if Nepalis do not eat

Nepalese people have been going out for work for generations, and the Nepalese people who have been living there for generations still love Nepal as much. Bandana Gautam, who was born in Burma to her Nepali parents, says that even though she was born and brought up in Burma, she has a lot of love for Nepal because of the traditions of her home. She said that even though there are Buddhists in Burma, Nepalis are Hindus so everyone celebrates the festival.

I have heard a lot about Burma, which is 1600 kilometers away from Kathmandu, so I went to Burma with a lot of fear and desire, met with 2 lakh Nepalis there, and got close to their sorrows and joys. Now that Burma is under military rule, it is difficult to move around. Since there is a military rule in this country with a population of 5.4 million people, curfew will be imposed from 6 pm, it will be uncomfortable for the common citizens.

People are struggling to make their lives easier by reaching the corners of the country and abroad. Even though some people struggle day and night, they do not see much change in their lives when they are working to raise others above themselves. Sometimes when there is a sudden accident, when their daily work is stopped, it seems that it is difficult for them to survive. He came into the limelight by touching the hearts of Nepalis in the country and abroad, who was lucky enough to be able to apply ointment to the pain of people.

Bhagya Neupane’s journeys, which have been portraying the real lives of the society in villages, are still moving towards villages, cities, and villages, he has started portraying the real lives of people. No matter how much the technology has developed, the lives of some people do not seem to have changed so much, their lives are going on in the same way, so their physical, mental, social, and economic life does not seem to have changed much. Most of the local people started their life from the same old village.

The actions done by the director of Tattato Khabar, Bhagya Neupane, had won the hearts of many Nepali citizens. He had disappeared without giving any information about himself for some time. Due to this, his supporters, some media, kidnapped Bhagya, got married, and went abroad. The news came out about it. A lot of people were curious about where the fate of walking, showing the problems of the suffering people, suddenly went.

After two or three of the news he showed were false, Bhagya disappeared from any social network after he started getting negative comments. He says that he has not been able to connect with the audience for some time now because his family is infected due to the Corona lockdown. He has said that he has returned to the old area along with his old Josh Jagar. He has presented the story of the operator who was cutting the road on the border of Nepal in today’s Srinkhal.

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