Can Prem Geet 3 be called a foreign movie?  Rajatpat 

After the production team of Prem Geet 3 told the Film Development Board that the Hindi version of the Nepali film should be approved as Nepali, the Prem Geet 3 movie created a lot of discussion and controversy.  There were a lot of posts on social media saying that people are abusing the movie.  When the movie was released in Hindi, many gave the number of traitors.  In the end, the film was recognized as a foreign film by the development board.
When the Ministry of Information and Communication asked Bhuvan KC about how a Nepali movie became a foreign movie, the movie is going to be recognized as a Nepali movie.  In Nepal, there is a constant difference between Halwala producers and their counterparts, many Nepali films are lagging behind due to not giving credit to Nepali films and giving credit to foreign films.  When Nepali cinema does not find itself, artists and producers have to suffer huge losses.  Some time ago, when the movie Prakash was not released, Pradeep Khadka spoke at a press conference, while Radha protested by removing the movie from the theater.Actors and producers have not been able to get justice due to the unethical nature of the Nepali film industry of talking about themselves and making fun of others.  In today’s episode, Bhoj Rana, former Secretary General of Film Production, Pradip Kumar Udeb, former president of Film Association, has a special debate with Samitya Timilsina, a journalist who writes about the film industry. While Nepali films are playing in the theaters, it seems that few films get a good market, which  It seems that common citizens have a big problem.  Rajatapat, a program that informs about the distortions in the field of movies, music videos and encourages good things, was closed for some time after it reached 90 episodes.  After some time, Prakash Subedhi combined the three programs that he runs and opened Prakash Subedhi himself, now he has brought Rajatapat back into operation.  He said that the silver screen will be operated every Thursday from 8 pm.

Ap 1 television broadcasts every Thursday after 8 pm, you can watch Rajatpat online tv at any time you like. Rajatpat has been supporting the good things done in the Sangam and artistry field of Baja Geet Nach for a long time.  Prakash Subedhi, a well-known journalist who has been doing journalism in the field of movies and music videos since then, is directing. Subedhi, who has received a lot of love from the audience in a short time, is in the limelight one episode after another.

In the field of cinema, they talk about the works done in the past from the present time.  Humans have advanced their field by struggling a lot in life, people are in the wrong hands about what to get respect and insult from one another, which changes people in life, media is also needed for any work for people.  Now people are trying to make their journeys successful in their own way, which will bring many benefits to mankind.

Bagina is a program produced by Phurba Sherpan and asst producer by Rachana Gautama. Its script is prepared by Kushum Bhattarai.  Prakash Subedi, the presenter of the program, has worked to bring out the activities within the Kalakarita area in the program.  Some Kalakars stand in favor of Prakash Saput, while others dislike him.  He said that Bagina means the union of song and dance, which will talk about these areas.

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