captain kiran chemjong was declared the best goalkeeper in the league of Maldives.

Nepali football team captain Kiran Chemjung has been declared the best goalkeeper in the league of Maldives. When Mazia won, Kiran gave an excellent performance, due to which he got the title of the best, even before this, he has won many titles. As soon as Kiran got the best goal keeper, he proposed marriage to his girlfriend Kanchan Niraula. When Kanchan, the flight attendant, put the ring, all the players clapped. A person with a different goal in life will get success if he sticks to his goal, so that he can draw his own destiny line.

It is seen that some people have failed thousands of times in their goals and have endured the hatred and rejection of the society, but they have succeeded once in a while. A person’s dedication to work, discipline, ethics, character, persistence and independence make him move forward. Even people who have lost many times in life will kiss the pinnacle of success one day. Kiran Chemjong, who was born on Chaitra 7, 2046 in Maina Budh 7 of Dhankuta district, was attracted to football since he was young. This khutkila done by Kiran is giving a new path and inspiration and encouragement, because of human struggle it takes him on the path of goal setting.

Kiran is a smart player who has a keen interest in the game. His passion for the game always brings him closer to victory. Due to his always high morale in the game, he performs well. Chemjong, who is considered to be the best goalkeeper in Asia, is also the captain of the Nepali football team, the Nepali football team playing under his leadership is moving forward with one success after another. Due to Kiran’s game, they are achieving one success after another. Although the football team in Nepal did not develop much in the beginning, but recently there has been more progress in football than other sports.

Since Nepali players are more attracted by their success in football, recently there are more players who participate in football games. Living in Lalitpur, Kiran’s height is 6 feet 2 inches, eyes and hair color are black and he has passed bachelor degree from ANFA. Kiran’s father, who has an elder sister, father and mother at home, has married for the second time. Seeing his game, he was selected for Machindra Club and after a year, he was selected for three stars in the year 2007. Kieran, who has won Britrice and Aha Gold Cup, was also awarded Asia’s best goal keeper, so far his contribution to the Nepali football team has been very welcome.

It is natural for people to win and lose after playing the game, but it is a big thing to show your talent with enthusiasm. Kiran, who likes to study, travel, watch movies and listen to songs, earns up to 1-2 lakhs a month. His current network is believed to be between 2-3 crores, he has a skoda rupid car. 32-year-old Kiran is still single. Until now, they have decided the journey ahead by giving more priority to the game. Chemjung, who has been interested in the game from a young age, has made a great contribution in promoting the Nepali football team. The role he played in introducing the Nepali football team to the world is worthy of respect.

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