Captured at the airport, Pooja and the alluring love of war, suddenly flew to Australia.

While Jakkan Birsna is in theaters, suddenly actress Pooja Sarma has flown to Australia for a show. At the airport, Pooja expressed her love to her lover Yudh, she flew to Australia for her program. Actress Pooja Sarma has flown to Australia for the program, missing Paul Sah, who is very popular in Nepali movies and music videos. She said that she was very sad when she left Ahilar Paul.

Pooja has told that since she has a lot of faith in her boyfriend, he will not do wrong. Yuddh has said that she likes her caring habits very much. Since everything she says is being trolled, she has requested everyone to understand it positively. She has said that she will return after finishing her work here and there for some time, she has requested to go and watch the movie Forgetting. She said that she is not thinking about marriage now as two people are fighting. She said that she missed the people she loved during the trip and wanted to forget the scary people. Pooja Sarma, who established her distinct identity in the Nepali music video and film industry, is one of the actresses who have received equal applause and abuse.

Pooja has said that even now, like a child, her habit of being close to everyone causes many conflicts. She has said that she gets into conflict because she is not used to saying what comes to her mind and not keeping anything in her mind. She said that Pooja Le Paul is her close friend, she shares her feelings with him, and she can never forget him because she understands him. She said that she made the movie without Paul because she was introduced to the blackness area, and that’s where she got the love of the audience. Pooja, who cried that the movie would not work when her friend was in jail, but started getting comments saying that she would be happy after the movie, said that she would do anything for her friend, but because she also had to look at the questionable life, she chose Yudh Bania. She said that she prayed day and night for Milos, even hearing his small positive words made her feel very happy.

Actress Pooja Sarma and Paul Sah have been fighting for a long time in the Nepali film industry. For some time, “Ma Asu Git Gaochu 2” was released on Falgun 13. When the film was being prepared, when Paul Sah was involved in a dispute, Pooja asked what her movie would be like. Yes, it was a matter of great concern, but Pooja said that when she visited the hall, seeing Darsak’s presence and love, when Kalakar did good work, she proved that even in any situation, Darsak’s love is immense.

Speaking for her friend, Pooja has told that she was abused as much as her sister. She said that Paul’s movie would have been presented in a different way in the music video field, but she said that her dream has been stopped due to that incident. Pooja told about the pain of not being able to watch her movie, that Paul kept her busy, and that Paul was always in her heart, that Paul was always in her heart, that two people were incomplete without each other. As the audience saw how Paul survived for one year, Pooja said that no one can do anything to Paul Sah.

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