Cartoon Crew Asma Biswakarma and Saroj Adhikari getting married.

The music video of the song brought to the market 23 years ago by the singer Sachin Rauniyar has been brought to the market again.  Asma and Saroj, who are very popular in Nepali cartoon crow, have come to the market with the project “Say yes or no”.  Asma said that Saroj had given her an iPhone.  Although Pagila and the two are very funny, she said that her habits started to change later.

When Saroj said that he wanted to act in love songs, he said that the songs of the same parton came to him because he was always on the move.  He said that Saroj does not want to kill and die in love, he said that he should always walk in a better way than doing such things.  He said that Asma used to play an important role in correcting the mistake made by Saroj.  She said that Asma used to complain a lot about Asma and would not give up until she apologized for any mistake.

After rumors circulated in the market about their close friendship, the parents said that they would not accept such rumors and would accept their decision as they understand their children.  He said that he was happy with the work done by his children and would support them in every moment.  Asma and Saroj, who have been introducing themselves in the cartoon industry since the early days, have been working together since the beginning.  He has said that he has got the love of many viewers.  Nepal Samaj Shuhauda is one of the songs that will win the hearts of the viewers.  As the two worked together, they were recognized by the audience as a couple, understanding each other’s language and struggling in the society as they continued their life’s journey.

Starring Asma, the decisive champion of Nepal and famous singer and famous model Saroj, this song shows the true story of people’s lives.  In this song, it is shown that Dhami Jhakri Dhauda is not good after falling in love with someone, the feeling of your love has not healed you.  She has told her friend, relative, senior, leader Saroj that she has talked about working with her partner in Jiban and not leaving.  Asma and Saroj, who were discussed in the cartoon music video, were in the hearts of many people.  He says that the viewers are very happy when they like Sarojma.  He said that despite his hard work, even though it was difficult to leave the old team at that time, now everything seems to be going well.  Explaining the two sides of a coin, Asma said that she was happy to get a very good compliment from Jiban when they worked together.

He said that when he came to work in the Asma group, he felt good luck in his life.  Saroj says that even if there are ups and downs in life, people who inspire and support, their journey will be successful when they work hard.  Artists say that they are happy when their black talents are displayed in front of the audience and they get their praise.  Looking at the other girls, it shows that the same girl is in my mind.  Including new stories, he says that he enjoys composing songs

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