Case of shaking the judiciary: Judge should be dragged

The program, which will be aired live on News 24 Nepal, will address the concerns and questions of the Nepali people. The program has been raising the problems of the people. In today’s episode, there is a special debate about the people’s leader and the court and the judge. After Dil Bahadur Gurung was caught sending 699 kg of cannabis to Canada, the district and appellate courts sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The Supreme Court proved Jha’s decision wrong and, from the Supreme Court judge, made him a judge of appeal. Jha, who reached Biratnagar on appeal, was not allowed to work by the lawyers saying he was corrupt. When he came to Kathmandu and resigned, he was welcomed by the political parties and made the Vice President. Corrupt, murderous people are being swayed to a higher level, judges working independently for justice are being manipulated by politics and ordinary citizens are not getting justice. An unmarried woman has given birth to a child.

Audio video of the deal to release Kathmandu District Court Judge Raj Kumar Koirala and Advocate Rudra Raj Tamang Bich on Rs 100 million bail has gone viral. The audio shows that if the deal is successful, Rs 20 million will be received. The conversation between his lawyer and the judge for the release of Ichcha Raj, who was released on the charge of embezzling Rs 8 billion from the Civil Cooperative, has been discussed. In such a setting, the court will not be able to give justice to the common man. But this deal does not seem to be successful.

The program has been raising voice in favor of giving justice to the common man by raising questions about Bethiti in their own country, from people trapped in the country and abroad. . For the first time, Rabbi Lamichhane conducted a direct talk program with the people in a way that raises the voices of people from different parts of the country and abroad, suffering from various conditions, suffering on the streets, the poor, the destitute, the underprivileged and the hopeless.

Lamichhane, who had been living in the United States for some time, came to Nepal after running the longest continuous program for 72 hours. Addressing the cries of women trapped abroad, she became acquainted with the audience after working tirelessly to rescue them. When he started raising his voice against the anomalies, inconsistencies, atrocities and wrong culture in the society, the common people became close to him.

After Rabbi Lamichhane left News 24 Nepal for a long time, Samjhana Bhujel had been running the program for some time. For some time after Samjhana Bhujel stopped running the program, Birendra Jairu has been running the program regularly. Raising the problems of the common citizens in the country and abroad, becoming the charioteer of people’s happiness and sorrow, he has been advancing his journey. Raising the cries of the people in the country and abroad, they are regularly raising the problems of the people.

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