Cement made in Nepal is exported to India for the first time

Cement has been exported from Nepal for the first time. Palpa Cement Industries, located at Sunwal-7 in West Nawalparasi, exported its product ‘Tansen’ Cement to India for the first time on Friday. At the same time, the door has been opened for more than five dozen cement industries across the country to export their products.

During the program organized on Friday, Palpa Cement has sent about 3,000 bags of cement to India. Jeevan Niraula, public relations manager of the industry, informed that the industry has reached the stage of exporting cement within four years of its establishment.

“Now we are ready to send daily cement based on the demand,” he said. Palpa Cement has been using limestone from the mine at Mathagadhi-7, Rahbas in Palpa. Currently, the industry is producing 1,800 metric tons of clinker and about 3,000 metric tons of cement (depending on the installed capacity) daily.

The budget for the coming Fiscal Year 2079/80 addressed this as the private sector has been urging for years to create an environment for cement export. There is news in today’s Gorkhapatra daily.

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