Charging millions of rupees from corona infected patients

The second wave of corona has highly affected the many peoples of the country.The infected person are found in many parts of the country where some are getting the required treatment in the hospital, while some are forced to leave their life because of deprivation from the proper health treatment in the hospital. 

 Though the Government has done the agreement to take the responsibility of corona patients by providing the necessary resources and money for the hospitals, some hospitals/health sectors are taking the charge from the patient which is totally illegal and is against the agreement.According to a report, the allegation is also cased against the “Nobel Teaching Hospital” located in the Biratnagar. The allegation was done for taking the charge from the corona infected patients.

This novel hospital had made an agreement with the Nepal Government to look at the Corona patient case without any penny but the patients of this hospital are saying that this hospital is charging  fees from them in the name of treatment. The corona infected patient named Namita Niraula is giving the information about it, she was saying that she was admitted to the Nobel hospital for her treatment and when she asked about the charge they are taking, the department said that they will charge 7 thousands for a bed and remaining money should be charged according to the need of the medicines. But while leaving the hospital she was charged 1,35,435 rupees which includes 61,415 for medicine , 28435 rupees for the admission of two days, 4 to 5 thousand for food, and remaining for blood and PCR test.

 While asking the reason behind it, the head department of that hospital was saying that the money given by the Nepal Government for the different sections of hospital is so limited that they cannot afford the required treatment and medicines for the corona patient and become tied up to take money from the corona infected patient during this pandemic period.

On the other hand, the number of corona infected people in Biratnagar is increasing day by day. As Dhangadi is a main route to India, so many Indian peoples are traveling in Nepal in the same ratio, which tremendously increases the rate of corona patients. Though the Nepal Government has given the prohibition order for  the closure of the city but because of the negligence of the citizens,the order is becoming weak and the case is becoming miserable day by day.

 It is our duty and responsibility to obey the rules and orders made by our Government so that we can save ourselves and many other people of the country during this pandemic.

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