Chaudhary’s son married an American girl.

No one has been able to understand the mind of a person till today. The girl who came to visit Nepal from America, the dream city of most people, has fallen in love with a Nepali Chaudhary boy. After getting married to a Nepali boy, she has gradually started speaking Nepali in a sweet way. Now she has started her new life by enjoying the natural greenery and beauty of Nepal.

Sanam Chaudhary of Lamahi in Dang district has married an American girl named Rakshi. A girl who grew up in American culture met a Nepali boy. Born and raised in Angels California, USA, she says that she is enjoying Nepali culture now. She said that since coming to Nepal, she has been fascinated by the atmosphere, air, water, people and various decorations.

Sanam used to work in a famous cafe in Pokhara when he was living there. He was a regular customer of the liquor store. Have told. She said that she used to watch him eat alcohol every day and, when she started feeling better, she started to love him a lot. She said that Sanam taught her to speak Nepali and gradually she will learn to speak the whole Nepali.

Although she was a little embarrassed when she first learned to speak Nepali, she said that she enjoyed it. She said that she has learned a lot now and is gradually learning one thing after another. Rakshi is an artist and she is constantly pursuing her studies and work in different countries. She said that Sanam’s habit of concluding easily by enjoying anything she learns quickly is very good. After coming home, she said that she was very happy to meet her sister-in-law, mother, father, uncle, aunt and niece.

In the United States, Rakshi has said that her mother is the only father and she is the only daughter. “I like mountains, forests, streams and buffaloes very much,” she said. After coming home, she said that she was learning to cook Nepali food, sing songs and learn Nepali language Conch. Although she has been in love for two years, she has not got married according to Nepali culture. She said that she has learned to make Nepali vegetables, pulses, rice, meat and eggs. He said that he likes to go around drinking alcohol and he wants to go to different places.

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