Cheap, reliable and good Nepali brand clothes, loved by foreigners.

Leo Slowline, a businessman who has been delivering Nepali products to the country and abroad by giving first priority, has a handle in Thamel. Clothes are produced in Nepal and sent abroad, and foreigners who come to visit Nepal are very fond of Nepali brands. Nepali people do not like clothes, but they prefer foreign clothes.

He said that the Nepali cotton cloth is very suitable for health and benefits the body, so Nepali products are good from the point of view of health. He said that he started the business from a small business and now he is gradually increasing the business. She said that even though the business was reduced due to the lockdown for some time, now there are more foreigners coming to Nepal, so the business is going on. Although there is not much demand for Nepali products in her country, she said that there is a huge demand abroad.

To encourage the exemplary entrepreneurs who have moved forward with the desire to do something in their own country, regardless of whether they live in the village, the city, the market, and encourage the businessmen who are doing exemplary work in Nepal, the youth who are struggling in the country and abroad. In order to guide young women towards entrepreneurship that there are such opportunities in their country, power media network has worked to show the work of Nepali products and producers abroad, who have given a glimpse of the village home to the people in the country and abroad.

Most of the people go abroad because they don’t get job opportunities in Nepal, because they don’t find any place to earn, some people live in Nepal because they want to spend their lives by doing some business in their own country. Most of the people have spent some time abroad and learned money and skills from there and applied it in their own country, so that if they have given employment to some people, they are also earning profit.

Most of the people have trampled on the opportunities that they have been living in Nepal and have crossed over to foreign lands, after going abroad to appreciate the natural beauty of their country and the importance of the opportunities here, they have become a successful businessmen in their own country. Most of the people are still earning by doing various pleasures, applying their property skills professionally, and now they are living with a nice income. If a person starts doing any work with his heart, the example of earning crores by staying in Nepal is becoming clear now.

Even though Nepal is known in the world as an agricultural country, its people are forced to eat food from outside due to lack of technology, agricultural knowledge and scientific experience, but recently, this problem is gradually reducing. People are applying the skills they have learned abroad in Nepal, they have started applying the foreign culture in Nepal. Although Nepal is a country rich in natural resources, the people here did not understand the importance of it, even though outsiders took advantage of it, but recently Nepalese people have come to understand its importance and now they are self-reliant in Nepal.

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