Chhatra Shahi of Indreni finally got married to Kajal secretly.

Successful couple Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi have tied the knot in the popular television show Indreni. The video of the marriage between Kajal and Chhatra has come out. The married life between the two has started after reaching the village where Chhatra was born.

Everyone was commenting on the video saying that the wedding of Chhatra should be with Kajal. The love of the viewers may be the reason why this couple has finally got married. From the village head to the ward president to wish them well.

Millions of spectators have liked the duo’s rehearsal. Chhatra Shahi and Kajal Joshi, who made a name for themselves by singing live in Indreni, had been in a love affair for a long time. Some time ago, they had announced their marriage from the studio of Indreni program. The couple got married in the village.

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