Chief Minister Pawan Chamling discussing the development and history of Sikkim

In Lalmohar, a weekly program broadcasted by galaxy 4k television, it is committed to discuss various activities in the society, to find aspects of its solution, and to implement those actions in life. In today’s Red Seal program, even though the leaders of Nepal say that they will make Nepal Switzerland, Australia, nobody seems to pay attention to their neighboring country Sikkim. Although there are more resources in our country compared to Sikkim, Nepal has not been able to create beauty like that.

While Nepal has not found a leader to create development, Sikkim has a Nepali leader, he has laid the foundation for transformation. Today there was a special debate about the development in Sikkim and the inspiring things there. He has kept a record of being the Chief Minister for 25 years, and he has also worked hard to serve the people and build development. Even after staying in Sakta for a long time, they are not left with the fascination of power like the Nepali leaders, even now they insist on staying in Sakta more than the youth. Even though Sikkim has had 4 Chief Ministers till date, the credit of Sikkim’s development goes to Chamling. Ministers come and go but the people are suffering because they think that we are the permanent employees.

Ramesh Prasai is a born blind person, he used to speak his clear words in the public arena without any fear. A person who is known as a successful person in the world, who teaches how to build a society, is considered a hero of the Nepalese people. Ramesh Prasai’s speech is so powerful that he speaks powerfully, even in any situation, the hearts of even grown-ups are shaken. Fearless, there are few people who do not bow before Prasai, who are so bold, his words shake the negative mood. Prasai, who constantly takes his speech in the society, walks in the path of social change, to be a source of inspiration for thousands. Ramesh Prasai often used to present his expression on social, political and physical issues. Lamichhane said that if he can bring the talent in him to the society, he will help to bring him to television with the aim of playing an important role in building the society.

After discussing the cooperation agreement between them for a long time, both of them decided that Ramesh would run a program in the program that was about to be opened. The program conducted by Prasai will become very powerful, thus playing an important role in social change. His goal is not only to raise the problems that are happening in the society, but also to take initiatives to solve them, the program will make a real change. Lal Mohar, started by Ramesh Prasain, has claimed to put a red seal on the various problems that are happening in the society.

As if the people were kept on false assurances, when no development was done, every dialect of Prussia used to be very strong. Prasai’s speech and speech are pleasing to the people, now he claims to put a red stamp on every aspect of the society, to find a way to improve the society and solve the problems. It is said that Ramesh Prasai’s Lal Mohar program will be presented every week from galaxy 4k to a different college, appealing to various issues, and finding a solution. His program claims to destroy the various evils in the society. His Lal Mohar program is only appealing No, he claims that the answer and solution to the problem will also be sought.

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