Child artist Raj adult form, so much discussion from the first music video

The music video starring Raj Acharya and Usha Upreti has been liked by everyone since its release. At one time, the son of child artist Raj Acharya i.e. Deepa Deepak was famous for his bitter truth. Now he has established himself as a teacher. Also, after the music video made by Raj and Usha, everyone has started showing curiosity about Raj.

Raj had suddenly disappeared before the tele-movie Titosatya, which was administered by Nepal Television, was shut down. Today we will talk to him about why he lost, what he is doing now and what his plans are for the field of art.
In the song Karkarkar Bol sung by Tank Budhathoki and Melina Rai, a new face suddenly appeared with model Usha Upreti in the song. Some of them must have seen that face somewhere.

After a long time, the form of the king who came in the field of art has changed. He said that he had gone to India for his studies to find out where he had been missing for so long. Raj Si, who studied Plus Two Science with good marks in SLC, had gone to India to study. After completing his studies, he returned to Nepal and started teaching. When he suddenly plays a music video with Usha, everyone is shocked. Raj, who is busy with his work as a lecturer, says that he enjoys working in this field. He says that he will not take leave from lecture work even if he is in the field of art.

Raj and Usha, who got acquainted through the music video, have formed a good friendship. Actress Usha Upreti is an emerging artist in the field of Nepali music. She says that she is very happy to work with Raj. She has done many videos before. The video, starring Usha and Raj, who are good at acting with good looks, is now running well on YouTube.

In the field of art, Usha says that they get abuse along with love. He has the experience of adding encouragement through good comments while making videos on Tiktak. But some have also complained of making bad comments to him. Apart from this, he says that his fans have always given him a positive vibe.

With the development in the field of Nepali film, the emergence of new artists is continuing. Some have begun to secure their future in this area. It has been only a short time since Nepali film Vujik Video started gaining a good market. It is easy to see that the music and acting have improved a lot.

Safal Raj Acharya, who has won the hearts of many as a child artist, has seen no difficulty in settling in this field. There is still a crowd of people who love and support him. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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