Chobhar Dry port construction latest update.. Kathmandu dry port chobhar.

Since Nepal is geographically bordered by India on three sides and China on one side, it plays an important role as a dry port in order to keep its economic and commercial sector running. Chobhar port was built to facilitate the import and export of Kathmandu, now in the period of 3 months that this port has been in operation, 15 containers have been imported and one container has been exported.

When the work of the port is about to be completed, it is said that the Prime Minister will inaugurate the port with three warehouses. It is said that it will be operational soon as all the resources have been gathered. Such ports are in operation near the border of India and China, some are under construction, and some are in planning. The Chobhar port in Kathmandu, not close to the border but close to the capital, has been put into operation. The Chobhar position near Kathmandu has not yet become operational even after the physical work of the dry port has been completed, even after the lapse of about 5-6 months.

For the government, it is said that the dry port is under the Ministry of Commerce and Supply and Intermotor Development will also operate it. It has been said that the work required for port operation, security, declaration of quarantine promotion area, creation of staff positions and creation of operational procedure is being done. Since it is a new government office, it is said that it will take more time to operate it. In order to move the government work forward, it is seen that there is a delay by any concerned party. Even though Nepal is a country rich in natural resources, it is still suffering a lot of financial losses due to its inability to use it.

Even though the raw materials necessary for the development of Nepali citizens are in Nepal, but there is no party to operate it in an organized manner, Nepal has to maintain economic and commercial transactions by cooperating with other countries. Experts say that even if the work of the port is continued, it may take 5-6 months to come into operation. For the economic, physical and social development of Nepal, the relationship with the neighboring countries is also good, which has played an important role in getting out of the sufferings of poverty. Even though there is a possibility of a dry port in the border area in Nepal, there is still confusion about the same checks and customs duties. Even though Nepal’s manpower is efficient, in the right place, when it cannot be presented properly, there is confusion in the functioning of many areas.

It has been said that the port is considered suitable for transportation of goods and economic benefits, and consumers will also benefit from the port directly and indirectly. The Nepal government has taken a loan of one billion 70 million rupees from the World Bank for the construction of Chobhar Kritipur dry port. On the land where the Himal Cement Factory used to be, now it has become a dry port, but the work has not been moved forward. In the year 2018, the construction company was selected from the international tender for the construction of the port. Inauguration of the dry port, the then Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli planned 2075-10-03. This port, which was built very late and should be completed within 2076, is now waiting for the modality of operation.

It is said that along with the dry port, other works should also be started at Chobhar Dada. Customs building, stop room and other buildings have also reached the final stage of construction. It has been said that there will be oyerhouse, parking lot, categorization set, customs building, bank and other facilities in Yash port, the capacity of the port will be 600 containers and 400 trucks. It is said that two gates will be built for entry, while one gate will be built in the middle for exit. For those who need a shout-out address, there are three structures. The beautiful, holy country of Nepal, located between two big countries, is also known as Tarul between two stones. For the economic and commercial growth of Nepal, it has to advance the work in cooperation with external countries, for which Nepal needs a dry port.

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