Chola Circuit Part 2, Journey from Hotel Mount View to Kalapathar

Before the people of the world know Nepal and Nepali, the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is known. And finally it is said that Mount Everest exists in a country called Nepal. Therefore, other countries have seen Mount Everest and Nepal as synonymous with each other. The Everest region is a place where the value of Nepal, which is as high as Mount Everest, must be strengthened. In order to give a quick answer to the question of why Nepal is touring, it is essential to travel to this region. Therefore, in today’s issue, we are going to give information about the second part of the Chola circuit.

Today’s trip will be from Everest View Hotel. About 20 minutes down from Hotel Everest View, you reach Khumjung. It is said that Solukhumbu district is named after this village. This village is small but very pleasant. An interesting scene can be seen many times while descending through Khumjung and that is whether the male weasels are sitting on the top of a rock or somewhere. The only purpose of these male weasels living in high places is to find a lone female weasel without males. After a continuous journey, you reach a place called Funki Thenga. It is a place to eat food. After eating here, you have to climb continuously. As the weather deteriorated while climbing the steep hill, the surrounding scenery could not be observed. But since the locals have made the road better, it is not difficult to walk uphill. While traveling, you can easily see the scarecrow grazing around.

As the sun was about to set, we reached Thengboche Monastery. As the evening worship begins, the scene of worship can be seen all around. As the clouds parted, the mountains became white. Today’s trip will be to Dibuche. The journey will start from here in the morning and reach Dimbuche. The journey that started with the morning sun can be continued by looking at the beautiful scenery around. It is fun to travel with the view of the calm and serene mountains. As we move forward, the proximity to Amadablam Himal grows. From Dibeche to Pangbuche, the view of Amadablam Himal can be seen better. Dingboche can be reached only in the evening after continuous walking. Today’s stay will be here. The journey has started from here after breakfast. Due to the extreme cold, large and green plants are not seen here. But the breathtaking view of the mountains can be easily observed. We have reached the lap of Lholse, Lobuche and Amadablam mountains.

After settling in Dingboche, the journey has resumed. Today’s journey will be to Chola. After a 2 hour journey from Dingboche, you reach Thukla. Then we reach Lobuche. It will take about 3 hours to reach Gorakhsep from Lobuche. From here there will now be a journey to Kalapathar. Reaching the black stone, Mount Everest, Lhotse, Amadablum and all the mountains were observed sitting in the lap. Now we will return to Gorakhshep and stay there. The next morning, as soon as the weather clears, it looks like the whole world has been forgotten. The arms of Mt. Everest, standing calm and steadfast, look really lovely.

Some tribes in Nepal call Mt. Everest Chomolongma. That is, they worship as goddesses.

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