Clash between armed police force and indian smugglers

Todays episode of Sidha Kura Janata sanga talks about the new constitution and constituion day as well as the illegal business carried out. Samjhana Bhujel is a pioneer Nepalese television presenter who presents the most popular current affair television series aired from News 24 televiosn owened and operated by Nepal Broadcasting Channel Pvt Ltd . She hosts a popular television show, “Sidha Kura Janta Sanga”, which addresses the root causes of different issues that occurs inside the country”. She is also best known for her “detective-style” for finding the popular issues of the nation. She raises a direct question to the Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the problems of the country in various sectors.

Nepal is a country bordering India and China. There are frequent disputes over the border. Due to which many Nepalis have lost their lives.  According to the Nepal Border Security Force (NBSF), the smugglers have been beaten up by the smugglers while trying to stop the smugglers at the checkpoints.

This is not the first problem of attack by Indians. It was repeated in Kanchanpur even before Yash. Gopinath Gautam of Kanchanpur was killed only a few years ago when there was a dispute over the border with the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).  A young man was injured. The Indian security forces opened fire on the Nepalese man shortly after the incident, but the Nepalese security forces stood at the border with a stick, according to the Armed Police Force.

Nepalis have been facing problems in all the areas connected to the border with India. Even though such problems are frequent and people have lost their lives, the Nepali government has not taken concrete steps.  Nepal and India should be equally involved to stop it. Nepal and Indian security forces should be equally active in stopping illegal activities in Naka.  When India attacked the Nepali Border Security Force at a distance of 50 meters, when India did not cooperate, it can be fully suspected that the Indians are also involved with the smugglers.

There is a lot of controversy about the Nepal-India border. Sometimes the people heat up the streets but after a while everything slows down.  Have been  There are a lot of problems when one or two young men are on duty with sticks to stop illegal trade at the border. Dozens of Nepal’s security forces stand up for a leader while there are insufficient amount of unarmed duty at the border.

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