Clashes between passengers at an altitude of 30,000 feet, despite the change in society, ethnic arrogance is still alive

People use public transport more to get from one place to another, where laws of their own kind are made, some people are still fighting in public places due to their arrogance, which is causing great suffering to the common man.  It happens.  The plane, which is now flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet, has collided between two groups, causing embarrassment to the passengers and crew.


Some people do a lot of such activities in public places, even if they do not do it.  When talking badly about someone’s personality, the differences that have arisen among the people are found to take a big form.  A video of a KLS plane crashing between two groups flying from Magnister, England, to the Netherlands, has now gone viral on social media, with people reacting differently to the fight between the two groups.

After the distance from Manchester to Sipo, a fight broke out between the two groups, in which two men were harming a man on his knees, while others around him were found to be working to settle the dispute.  In the rule of touching the flight immediately after landing, six accused have been released.  Passengers on the plane had a fight over ethnic reasons, and various videos of the fight have now gone viral on social media.

The fight escalated to the point that the captain had to come to the rescue of the passengers, who were asked to fasten their seat belts.  In the video, Atru’s voice is clearly heard, in which the passenger, as it is a flight, can be heard talking while sitting down, now to be calm.  A woman on the plane made a video of him and posted it on Twitter, which has been viewed by many people in a short time.

The 45-second video is currently circulating on social media, with people commenting on it.  The incident on the plane has been described by many as a shameful incident.  According to the captain, some of the passengers reported doing very bad activities on the plane, which affected the travel of other passengers as well.  “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our passengers, and we look forward to working with the crew and crew,” the airline said in a statement.

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