Clashes in the streets of Pokhara

In Pokhara, when public vehicles could not be arranged, a situation of conflict has been created at the intersections.  The drivers transport people from one place to another by booking a vehicle through the mobile application and the passengers agree they travel.

 Due to this, when the people doing the taxi business in Pokhara did not get passengers, a conflict was created between online yap and taxi drivers.  After the taxis in Pokhara were operating freely without going to the meter, private vehicles started online booking.  He said that sometimes taxi drivers form their own groups, go online, and beat up people who are carrying passengers on bike scooters.
In the program Gandaki Chadke, which is broadcasted every Friday from the Falano news YouTube channel, it is found that the real events that happen in our society are discussed and the reality is brought out.  Even though people work hard to get government jobs, they bring out the work of anyone who hurts the people without doing government work.
He said that the district secretary will address the people’s demands more, and he decided to go to the election only by changing some of the functions in the government.  Tripathi, who brings out the sufferings of the people, has been investigating frauds, thefts, illegal trades, black markets, and illegal activities in society.

He has worked to bring out the unethical work done by the employees in the government schools and offices and the sufferings of the people outside.  He does the work of bringing out the reality of events that have been reduced by adjusting the process in society.

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