Clean Kathmandu after Balen action

The steps taken to make Balen Shah’s metropolis beautiful, holy, and orderly are now getting a lot of discussion from the country and abroad. Balen Sah has run a dozer in Tinkune Park after the space allocated for the park was unorganized, the grass did not grow there and it was not like the Batabaran Park. He said that the city of Balen has taken a new step to stop the activities taking place in the park by taking vehicles to the park.

There are 900 sanitation workers and a large number of machines and equipment to make the Kathmandu Metropolitan City clean and beautiful. There are 9 Brummer machines for cleaning road dirt. At present, dust is being cleaned on the streets of Kathmandu by sprinkling water and pesticides without affecting people’s lives. In the situation where the epidemic is spreading, a large amount of effort is being made to control such activities.

The team led by Balen Shah is taking one step after another to make the metropolis beautiful. Balen Sah, who has been continuously fighting for the development of the country, is engaged in cleaning and decorating various areas in Kathmandu. Balen Sah, who is constantly engaged in managing the garbage inside Kathmandu, has been working on one model after another. They have said that they are happy that they are working to protect the people by spraying three times water on the road to protect the people.

The people of Sisidol have said that they will not vote for the party because there is no possibility of any development work from the leaders of the political parties and they will work for themselves and their party workers. The entire village has voted only if there is a person who has an independent vision. The Metropolitan Corporation has formulated its policies and programs to establish it.

It is our commitment to improving the lives of citizens by implementing the rights granted by law for the development, improvement, and prosperity of the city. It is permanent. In the same way, we are conducting programs for the implementation of issues such as bringing urban cleanliness to complete cleanliness, and maintaining urban beauty. To effectively implement this policy, the metropolis is conducting roadside management programs. More than any other time, this is the time when senior citizens, children, disabled people, and pregnant women go out shopping.

Balen has continuously taken one step after another to fulfill Balen’s dream of building a beautiful holy metropolis by demolishing illegal and disorderly structures in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. After it was seen that Shah was being harassed by various people while working, able-bodied people came to the streets in support of him and started raising their voices and supporting him.

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