Coca-Cola share price fell by 4 billion after Ronaldo say drink water.

Cristiano Ronaldo set two records on Tuesday when Portugal beat Hungary in the Euro 2020 Championship. His team defeated Hungary by 30 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo set two new records with a winning start.

Due to him, another unique incident has taken place on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Portugal captain Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola and drank water in Budapest, Hungary. This incident, which seemed normal to him at the time, proved to be very costly for the Coca-Cola Company.

Coincidentally, Coca-Cola’s share price has fallen by 4 billion since the incident. The Portuguese captain is very concerned about his health. They don’t eat junk food or soft drinks like Coca-Cola. So Ronaldo put the two Coca-Cola bottles in front of him and drank the water.

Coca-Cola, one of the official sponsors of the Euro Cup, has also reacted to the incident. By issuing a press release, it has been stated that what one eats is a matter of one’s right. Coca-Cola’s market value has fallen from 242 billion to 238 billion since the incident.

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