Come on, have fun in front of Balen and fight to serve.

When some ODA chairpersons expressed their views in the Municipal Council of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, they have been discussed a lot now. Once upon a time, ODA presidents went viral by telling the mayor to run the program first, then to run the municipal assembly. Now, ODA presidents want to serve the people without passing any public service. The chairperson has requested the employees to continue their work to help in the work.

He said that the employees who have passed the civil service by working hard will not get the same service facility, in order to encourage them to work, they should be honored by handing over the service facility to the employees. “We are not here to have fun in front of Mayor Balen Sah. Instead of having fun by talking here, we should build a metropolis by making plans of national pride, providing maximum service to the people and supporting them in their happiness and sorrow,” he said.

“As all of us, the people’s representatives, have come to serve with self-interest, the process of boarding government vehicles and using government mobile phones should be stopped,” he said. Mayor Balen Sah has taken immediate action to manage the waste of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, to produce gas from waste in the long run, to use the leftovers as manure, to bring new state-of-the-art machines from Japan to treat gas and manure in Nepal. He said that steps have been taken for this. He said that this work will start in some time as he will work without giving any assurance.

Since it is not possible to stop a garbage truck anywhere, he said that he would be very comfortable if he was made comfortable on this road soon. With the removal of a lot of garbage in Sisidol, Kathmandu, there is a growing desire for people to do something about Balen, which plays an important role in changing society. In Nepal, there is a tendency for employees to try to evade responsibility by blaming each other for the job theft, which is why there are so many problems for the common citizen to get service facilities.

While the bosses continue to work on time, blaming each other, trying to evade responsibility, Balen immediately refutes such allegations, saying that everyone should work together for the common good. Have requested for . Balen Sah, who is currently in the spotlight in the country and abroad, has been working one after the other according to his previous agenda, he said. He said that the first step would be to make Kathmandu clean.

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