Comedian Adarsh ​​expressing his indignation towards the Prime Minister

Stand-up comedian Adarsh ​​Mishra, who lost his father without treatment, has issued a very emotional message. The day after his father death, he released a video revealing the hospital negligence. He said that his father had to leave the world due to the negligence of the hospital and health workers.

He has presented the pain he suffered during the treatment of his father Binod Mishra, who has been trying for a long time for kidney failure. He has made it clear how people are dying because of the country health system. He said his father died not because of lack of money but because of the country health system.

He said that his father died due to the National Medical College (NMC) and Narayani Regional Hospital in Birgunj. NMC director Basruddin Ansari said he was a very powerful man and had paid for Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli kidney transplant. He has accused Ansari of beating students with goons while raising questions about college fees and facilities.

The father was told by the National Medical College about the health workers at Narayani Sub-Regional Hospital, where the nurses set the dialysis machine in front of the doctor for four hours, but also dropped it in three hours after the doctor left. They may have been in a hurry to go home, but my father could not return home today because of them.

“KP Oli should have left the chair,” he said. “My father goes to the hospital twice a week for dialysis, not KP Oli.” Look at the school run by my father and look at the country you run. And if you feel ashamed, tell me. You are not allowed to work. You are not ashamed to work.

For the past few weeks, Adarsh ​​has been constantly updating his father’s health condition and treatment process through YouTube and Facebook. Even though his close relatives are ready to donate kidneys, Nepal’s health system has said no.

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