Comedian Dhature’s support to the blind and hungry family

A blind family has been found hungry in a place called Salyan Garo in Kavrepalanchok district.
Most of the districts in the country are in a state of lockdown. With the spread of corona
infection, it is time for the families who earn their living in the morning and earn their living in
the evening to go hungry. The situation of a blind family in Salyan Garo is similar. Her husband
suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes. His wife is also a heart patient. The family has to
spend their days starving when they cannot earn money outside the home. After hearing about
the family’s problems, Datura of Sakkigoni went to visit the family carrying rations.

The family of the blind Nir Bahadur Vik and Sabita Rasaili, who live in Sindhupalchok, came to
Salyan Garom in Kavre with the help of an acquaintance. They have nothing to eat. Vic himself
is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, but he has not been able to take medicine due
to lack of money. He has been living his life in darkness for the past four years. He said that he
slept well in the evening and when he woke up in the morning he could not see. He is also a heart
patient of Mrs. Sabit. She can’t work hard. Too much noise makes it difficult for him. He can’t
even speak loudly, so he has to do physical work. It’s been a year since he saw this problem.
They have 2 children.

Since he is blind, it has become difficult for him to feed and teach his son and daughter twice a
day. Vic says he would love to die if he remembered his condition. Mentally, Sabita collapses
even with a little stress. The family will be able to make ends meet only with the help of an
organization. They feel like their life is over. But they have the hope that if they can educate their
children, they can live a better life.

BK, who is in poor financial condition, had to go to the hospital for two months for eye
treatment. He stopped the treatment after the doctor said that it was not possible to see the eye as
the nerve of the eye was dry. The housewife had evicted the family after failing to pay the rent.
They have been living in a tent . There is only one mother in the house where she lives
now. The mother has been feeding the family two meals a day.
The family has been assisted by two campaigners, CP Pudasaini (Dhature) and international taekwondo player Ashok Khadka.

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