Comedian Jitu Nepal will not be seen in ‘Chhakka Panja 4

Comedian Jitu Nepal will not be seen in ‘Chhakka Panja 4’.Many speculate that perhaps Jeetu was not in this part because of the mutual disagreement between Deepashree Niroula and Jeetu Nepal. Jeetu reached the auspicious occasion of the film which was made today and wished him well. He reached Bhaktapur with flowers.

Meanwhile, actor Deepakraj Giri said that it was not because of mutual enmity or inconsistency that he won in this part.

The main thing is that we are not friends who say yes only when we meet on the set or while doing a movie. Deepak has questioned whether he would not have come here to wish him good luck if he had a good heart.

In a conversation with the media, actor Deepakraj Giri said that he has no enmity with film actor Jitu Nepal. This fourth edition will be directed by director Hemraj BC.

Actors Deepakraj Giri, Deepashree Niraula, Raj Acharya, Benisha Hamal, Malina Joshi and Kedar Ghimire (9 Magne Budha) have been signed for the movie. According to the production team, the movie will be released this October.

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