Comedy Champion Season 2 – TOP 9 Episode 15

Comedy champion is a Kantipur Television program that comes on every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00. The show is repeated at every Tuesday at 3:00pm and Wednesday at 3:00pm. This show is all about making laugh to the audiences through the funny permormance. Dinesh DC of Kantipur TV said that he was vey excited about having the collaboration with the comedy champion team.

So the first season was held under the judgement of Santosh Pant, Manoj Gajurel, Pradip Bhattarai and Reecha Sharma. Actress Keki Adhikari, Bishal Bhandari, Reema Bishwakarma, , Bishal Bhandari and Raj Ghimire are the producers of the comedy show . the show was hosted by Rima Bishwakarma. This show become successful to be liked by the Nepalese audiences and really become successful although the director had faced some financial crisis.

The winner of the first season is Himesh Panta. B Himesh won a cash prize of Rs 2,500,000 along with Datsun Redi Go car as well as Rs 100,000 from grooming partner and world tour package from Destination Foundation. Besides Himesh, two others finalists of this show were Suman Koirala and Khadga Bahadur Pun Magar. After the grand success of the first season, the team of ‘Comedy Champion’ prepared for the second season.

According to the report, above 6,000 digital auditions were received from home as well as abroad for the ‘Comedy Champion-2’.
Out of them, 180 contestants were called from the capital city ‘Kathmandu’ for physical audition, and while selecting the best contestants only 24 were left, informed by the organizers at the press meet. Director of the Comedy Champion, Bishal said, “This time, the audience will get more contents & presentations & we won’t let the audience to get bored.”

Actress Keki Adhikari added that she was always under the financial pressure in the first season of the show, but during this time she would not face that problem. Till date 6th episodes of Comedy Champion season 2 have been conducted which really become successful to get the love and support from Nepalese youths. All the best for this team from our side as well.

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