Comedy interview with Abhaya subba singer |  What the Flop clip

Music shows the world. People who are involved in music change the corners of the world into music. Music deceives people’s minds in such a way that they forget the world. They have established a different identity in their world.  There are many singers. But there are very few singers who are marketed and professionally engaged. Abhiya Subba is a successful and rich singer who has established a different identity in the field of Nepali music.  Embracing the same opportunity and challenge, she has established a new identity in the field of campaigning.

In Nepali society, the view of women in the field of music, film and model is different.  Even if the people living in the city understand everything, the old people living in the village do not really understand it.
Subba complains that even though he is working hard to innovate in the rock field, Nepalis do not watch so many songs when they do not understand the society.  People who follow the old culture society listen less to the songs of this region. Late generations have made this region their fashion but they have not found much market.  With the development of modern technology, the rock sector is also making its field in the Nepali market. The fascination with the rock sector has increased in the new generation.Abhay Subba says that one has to wait another 20 years to understand the music and the rock market in the Nepali market. In the past, only old songs were played in the Nepali market.  And it takes some time to build a new structure. As society changes day by day, there is a kind of diversity. External culture seems to have had some effect on the society, but after a tremendous effort of the society, some new era changes.

Along with social change and development, Nepali song and music has also caused panic. There has been a lot of development and destruction due to his efforts coming from all parts of the society.  She says that no one else has come to this field as the rock field is different and difficult. There are many singers in the market in the field of song music. But there are few women who are making their future in the rock field. Abhiya Subba Nepali  To be a star in the rock field. Her contribution in the rock field is very tolerable. Now the rock field has hit the Nepali market. Lately, women are found in the rock field a lot.  Looks more attractive in the generation of time.

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