Commodity price skyrocketed

In the Nepali market, the price of any commodity has gone up in such a way that even the common man is afraid to look at it.  People are struggling to survive. The world’s poorest people have been hit hardest by the spread of the Kovid 19-cornea virus around the world. They are struggling to make ends meet.
  Everyone is upset. As the Chad festival is approaching, our brothers and sisters, who used to earn a lot of money to bring happiness in the eyes of their children, do not feel thirsty for the sun and water in the country and abroad.  Citizens: Employment, corruption and more people in Nepal have not been able to develop as mentioned. The direct and indirect effects of which are being borne by the common people.
As the Chad festival approaches, the common man also wants to buy new clothes to eat. But everyone is worried about how to run their diary in this Dashain Tihar.  The spring of tears comes in the eyes of the people. As the festival approaches, the market should be monitored to measure the price and quality of the goods in the market.  Auxiliary CDs are used as the market authority to measure prices. People’s representatives should have an important role in this.
Ordinary people, who think that they are promoting service and security for the people, do not seem to be aware of the people’s grievances now. It is only a matter of hurting the people.  The Nepali market is now taking advantage of the opportunity to add more brands to the people in the situation of what to eat and what to eat.  At a time when people are losing their jobs, the prices of commodities in the market have skyrocketed, creating a kind of panic among the general public.

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